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12 Days of Dogmas

On the 12th day of Dogmas my hoomans gave to me....

12 Tug-E-Nuffers

Tug-E-Nuff are a great UK company that hand finish all of their toys, developed by dog play specialists they know that prey drive is play drive. They create the toys that are great to bond with your dog and be interactive with them to help with training too. You can receive a 10% discount by putting TALE in the discount code box.

11 Puzzlers puzzling

Dogs need to keep their mind active and can get bored so what better way to enrich their lives than with a good puzzle. Not only do these help our pups beat boredom they also teach valuable problem solving skills. There are loads of different types out there so you can't go wrong. This one and this one are classic ones that are great fun to watch them do too.

10 Pups-a-Leaping

Have you ever tried a bit of agility with your best fur pal? It can be so much fun for you and the dog and is a great way to get active together and bond. You can find local agility training places in most areas or get yourself a simple home agility kit, like this one and if you get really serious about it, Marmax Products do some great recycled materials versions to suit your needs.

9 Doggies Dancing

You don't have to buy your dog anything to show your love for them, they just want quality time with you over all. What better way of creating this than doing some tricks with your dog. Keep an eye on our new YouTube channel for tricks and other great bond building ideas for you and your dog. (Coming in the new year 2022!)

8 Yaks- a- Milking

I have not met a dog that doesn't love one of these treats! They are really good for your dog and can be used for chewing instead of bones and sticks (or even shoes and slippers they shouldn't have). If you fancied a try you can even have one. Another bonus I love is that you can microwave the last little piece (to save any choking hazard) and it become a fluffy bit to finish it off. Yakers dog chews! I highly recommend.

7 Dogs-a-swimming

Is your dog a water lover? If they love swimming and splashing around why not get them an eco friendly toy that they can play with in there? (Its important to get eco friendly as the ocean is already filling up with our plastic we don't want to add a lost plastic toy to that). Kong do a variety of water toys and this ball looks really good for water play time.

6 Roots for Chewing

Many dogs like chewing on sticks and most of the time its ok, but they can get splinters and it can be a choking hazard, so in my opinion its not worth the risk. However, this doesn't mean they can't have any sticks to chew on. If you get the roots, like these, dogs can enjoy away without us worrying (it is recommended that dogs are supervised while chewing most things for safety reasons).

Fiiiive Kooooong Riiiiiings

Nothing like a good quality fetch toy and this one, from Kong, is great for most dogs. It squeaks and bounces all over the place for more fun.

4 Snuffle Matts

You will hear me go on about eco snuffle matts A LOT. I love them as they have helped Ash so much with his anxiety. They really help reduce a dogs stress level (as do lick mats) due to the fact that when dogs sniff, lick or chew something their cortisol (stress hormone) reduces and their happy hormones increase. They also bust boredom and are great to use once you finish some interactive play so it isn't a sudden stop in activity. Hide some treats in the snuffle matt to keep your dog snuffling and out of trouble too.

3 Fetch Balls

A classic dog toy we all love to play with and their are so many options out there. Here are some of my favs-

  • Tug-E-Nuff - These are new out and are specifically designed to what dogs like the feel of in their mouths and what they can see - the colour blue. Remember you can get a 10% discount by using discount code TALE at the checkout.

  • Beco Balls - Made of natural rubber these are strong and eco friendly. they come in three colours and have a good bounce are strong and have a hole to hide treats in.

  • Cycle Dog high roller ball - I've not tried this one but am hoping to order some soon as they look great, they are blue for the dogs, they are made from recycled materials and even float so are good for the dogs that like water.

Now not all dogs will automatically fetch the ball back, this has to be trained (keep an eye for an upcoming video on this on our YouTube channel).

2 Teddy Bears

Meet Toby the Teddy. He is a cute little soft toy for cuddle time, some dogs love a little friend to carry around, Ash is one of them. You can get him or one of his soft toy friends from Beco, an eco-friendly dog company that are really worth checking out, they have a great variety and they are also top quality products too.

and a Packet of Pooch's Dog Treats

How could we not treat our pups to a packet of special, local made, high quality Pooch's dog treats!?! Which ever flavour we buy Ash and the dogs we adventure with love them all. They have a great variety and a great ethos too. Oh and if you want your dog to get more veggies in their diet, local dog treat makers Herbipaws do great plant based dog treats too! There really is every kind of goody out there for our dogs now, and if you are anything like me I love buying my dog lots of goodies and fun things.

I hope you find this all helpful, if you find any great eco friendly products for dogs please let us know as we love hearing about all that we can get for them that don't cost the Earth and don't lack in quality.


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