Please see below questions that we often get asked through messages that we thought would be more helpful if you could just find them here. If none of these are the question you have please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to answer your enquiry.


What experience do we have?

Do we have full insurance?

How do we transport the dogs we look after?

Are we canine first aid trained?

I (Kate) have been working with dogs since the beginning of 2017 when I started my own dog walking and pet sitting business in Kent, I took many online courses and an in person canine First Aid course and the business was very successful. I have also had family dogs and dogs of  my own for as long as I can remember. I have volunteered with Dogs Trust Dogs School to help trainers and behaviourists teach owners positive reinforcement ways of training their dogs.


Amy has had dogs since she was 7 and has done pet sitting since 2018. Before that she volunteered at dog shelters while she lived in Spain and on returning to the UK helped out on a smallholding. She has worked as a dog walker for another company between 2020 and 2021 before joining me on our venture for a local dog walking and pet sitting business in Dereham in March 2021.

Of course! Our insurance obviously covers your dog’s safety, the safety of your home and we also have the keys covered in case anything goes wrong with that and we need a locksmith.

I personally prefer seat belts for the dogs, so I have done my research and have got the most recommended seat belts I could find (Petzone; bungee seatbelt with lockable clip). Because of this we ask all the pawrents we work for to provide a car safe harness so the dog will be both comfortable and safe.

Do we have a DBS check?

Where do we take the dogs?

Who will be doing the sitting for your dog and pets?

What contingency plan is there for the days the sitter can’t work?

Of course! We keep up to date as much as we can and we do the in person training as this is a more hands on training (online ones are just theory). They even have a dog CPR dummy to practice resuscitation on. We ask for a signature next to the place on our paperwork that shows we have asked for permission for this. (permission is needed as dogs are classed as property in the eyes of the law and also if resuscitation was needed it will break some ribs of the dog, but save their lives)

Yes, we are all up to date and they can be seen on request.

As many different places as we can so they get plenty of enrichment through sniffing. Some may be weather dependant, such as woods if its sunny and certain places become really muddy/unwalkable in winter. We have the adventures locally mostly so the dogs do not have to be in the car for a long time. If we are doing a longer sit we may take them further afield for a nice day out, like the beach maybe.

It will always be me or Amy, we always let you know in advance. If we do need to use anyone else we will always clear it with you and offer for you to meet them first if you would like to.

We cover each other and if in the very rare cases of both being unwell/on holiday we would do as above, clearing the designated person with you before they start.

What is our policy if a dog gets injured while with us? Accidents happen, so what do we do in those circumstances?

Will we update you about the pet sits? How do we do this?

Depending on the injury, the dog will get seen to there and then (we carry emergency first aid kits on us and have larger ones in the car), if possible we will walk or carry the dog back to the car (the current walk would stop if necessary). We would call the other for support with the other dogs and if needed take the injured dog to the closest vet. I have performed a few emergency bandages on dogs legs, one was a saluki that caught his leg while running on some ruffage (salukis have very fine skin) he had caught a major vein. I bandaged there and then and got the dog to the vets. I was in touch with the owners throughout and after she was able to get to the vets and he had been seen to, I helped her get home and get him settled. The owner later told me that if I hadn’t acted as I did the vet said that could have been fatal! I was shocked but so pleased I had the knowledge to be able to help him.

We currently update through WhatsApp sending pics and videos and info on what we’ve been up to. We are waiting on an app called walkies to become available on android so we can do it through that.

I have a portable shower and many many towels, plus fox poo shampoo (my dog is a roller so I know I need this for certain dogs). They can get cleaned and wiped down before returning home. Also if you have a hose that we can get to we can also use that for rinsing any dogs off that particularly like a muddy puddle (like most labs and spaniels).

What do we do in bad weather? Does the dog get cleaned up/dried off if necessary?

Do we do anything else on a walk, other than just walking?

We include mental stimulation and enrichment which is why we call them adventures rather than walks. We do games such as ‘fetch’, ‘find it’ (sprinkles), ‘tug’, we also do little bits of training and impulse control work so the dogs get tired minds as well as bodies.


Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us via email - woof@dogstale.co.uk

If you'd like to book a meet and greet please fill out our Adventure Application Form. It gives us more info on what you would need and helps us make sure we are the right people for you.