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Who are we?

Sometimes we have no idea! haha!

Well it goes without saying that we are crazy dog ladies! We love dogs and all animals, plus we love the planet and strive to keep getting better at using planet friendly products without loosing the quality. (visit our Eco Values page for more info on how this translates into our work).


We are continuously learning how to 'speak dog' better to help us with our own dogs and share the information with those that ask for advice.

So who are we?...



Hi! Thanks for taking an interest in us. I have had many life experiences that all led me to my current love of dogs that made me want to work with them

After I had my own business as a self employed potter for about 8 years, I travelled to Philippines, North America and Peru for a few years during which time I did A LOT of walking and hiking mountains while always having animals around me (owned by those that were training me and I lived with).

On returning to England I wanted to keep up with my walking (even though its now the flat lands of Norfolk) and wanted to work with animals so when dog walking was suggested to me (back when I lived in Kent over 5 years ago) I jumped at the chance.

After starting my business I got my little pal Ash, who has been a joyful challenge. Because he has anxiety issues he has helped me learn more and more about what dogs needs are and that although some traits run through breeds they are all unique individuals they have unique likes and dislikes.

So now we have A Dog's Tale to offer more than dog walks as they need all sorts of enrichment just as we do. So, as my life has been filled with adventure I wanted to offer such things to our canine companions. I now love learning all things dog and spending time with them is so rewarding.


Since I was about 2 years old I begged my parents for a dog, for years I asked and asked but it wasn't until I was 7 that I finally got one! Our little dog, Angel, who was essentially thrust upon us (thank you universe) and who we had for a wonderful 15 years bless her heart. She was such a beautiful soul.

I grew up in Spain and lived there for many years. I volunteered at a couple of dog shelters over there and got to hang out with dogs of all ages, from the youngest of pups to the older ones looking for their forever homes. It was so hard not to just take them all home if I am honest.


When I came back to the UK I volunteered on a few different small holdings and I helped looked after cats, dogs, chickens and llamas for a few months and it was one of the best experiences of my life. 


When Lockdown happened my work life changed quite drastically and I suddenly had the opportunity to become a dog walker, I am so glad I grabbed that chance! Being able to get outdoors every day and spend time with dogs was a bit of a life saver for me and quite honestly kept my sanity.

I have recently welcomed an 11 month old rescue dog (beautiful Freya) into my home and I couldn't imagine my life without her now and she loves joining the pack adventures. 

Being in the presence of animals ( especially dogs) is such a pleasure and getting to know their little quirks and what makes them happy is such a joy. Going on adventures with them is so much fun and I am so grateful to get to do it every day!


Do you want to see if we could help you and your dog?

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